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Folee Oxygen Concentrator 9.9L Price in bd

৳ 54,000.00


Full plastic casing, safe and reliable.

Real voice function.

LCD screen.

Remote-control function to operate remotely.

Cumulative timer to show total working time by display.

Single timer for real-time control once oxygen inhalation time.

Timed shutdown function for easy use.

Calendar function and more intuitive master of time.

Button with back-light for clear and intuitive function display.

Power-off alarm function.

Function of releasing anion.

Heat protector equipped in the compressor.

Nebulization function (for models with nebulization functions).

Oxygen concentration monitoring and alarming.

Maximum Flow:5L/min

Oxygen concentration:≥90%, when the oxygen flowis 0.5L/min~5L/min

Noise:≤60dB (A)


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Owgels oxygen concentrator 5L price in Bangladesh

৳ 38,900.00
(0 Reviews)
The accessories listed below are recommended for use with this device. The use of any other accessories which are not specified for use with this device may reduce performance and void the manufacturer"s warranty. Humidifier Bottle: 1 Piece Oxygen Cannula: 1 Piece Oxygen Musk: 1 Pices Filter: 1 Price Atomizing Cup: 1 Piece Atomizing Tubing: 1 piece Atomizing Musk: 1 piece Atomizing Mouthpiece: 1 piece

Olive 5 liver Oxygen concentrator

৳ 44,000.00
(1 Review)
Olive Oxygen Concentrator Details: Maximum recommended flow = 3L/Min- 5L/Min - 8L/Min- 10L/Min Oxygen Concentration = 93%3% Power Supply = 220V+22V+,50Hz+1Hz/110v 15v.60Hz+1Hz Output pressure = 20Kpa-60Kpa Input Power = 210W 330W 480W 550W Net weight - 12kg 15 kg 18kg 20kg Dimension = (MM)= 344 X 306 X 565 mm LCD display: present working time, total working time, presetting time, flowrate data, purity data Optional config. Nebulization function Manufacturer: Hefei Kangjun Intelligence Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Service warranty 01 Years Support Only Dhaka

Philips EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator 5L Price in Bangladesh

৳ 98,000.00
(1 Review)
Flow Rate 5 LPM Model Name/Number Everflo Brand Philips Oxygen Concentration 93 +/- 3 % Outlet Pressure 5.5 PSI Sound Level 45 (typical) dB Operation Electrical Operation Mode Non-Portable Power 230 watt Voltage 220 V Frequency 50 hz

10 Liter Owgels Oxygen Concentrator Price in Bangladesh

৳ 67,000.00
(1 Review)
  • Owgels 10 Litre Oxygen Concentrator - Purity 93% +3% - OZ-10-02TWO.
  • Brand: Owgels.
  • Product Type: Ready Stock Oxygen Concentrator.
  • Product Origin: China.
  • Weight: 29KG.
  • External Dimension: 360X370X670mm.
  • Power: 340W.
  • Average Sound Prissure Level: S46dB (A).
  • Oxygen Pressure: 30-60kpa
  • Oxygen Flow: 10L/ mint 10%.
  • Oxygen Concentration: ≥90%.

10 Liter Longfian Oxygen Concentrator Price in Bangladesh

৳ 82,000.00
(0 Reviews)
Product name : OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR Brand: LONGFIAN Model: JAY-10 Origin: China Purity: 93% (±3%) Flow Rate: 0-10LPM Outlet Pressure: 0.04-0.07MPA(6-10PSI) Sound Level: ≤50db Power Consumption:  ≤880w LCD Display:  Switch times, operating pressure, present working time, accumulated working time, presetting time from 10mins to 40hours Net Weight: 27 Kgs Size: 365×375×600mm

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