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ResPlus BiPAP B-30P Respiratory Machine (Non-Invasive Ventilator)

BiPAP® (Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure) is an electronic breathing device used in the treatment of sleep apnea, lung disease, and to treat respiratory weakness.

Also known as NIPPV, use of the device overnight improves quality of sleep, daytime sleepiness, and may improve thinking ability.

Nowadays, COVID-19 which caused by the novel coronavirus outbreaks worldwide.

The virus will quickly invade human lung cells and cause pneumonia, which will cause severe lower respiratory tract diseases, such as acute lung injury and respiratory distress syndrome.

Some critical patient may even have symptoms such as respiratory failure, refractory hypoxemia, shock, multiple organ failure, and coagulopathy.

For COVID-19, ventilator is one of the most effective treatments in the absence of specific drugs. Under ventilated, the blood oxygen of patient can be effectively improved and the mortality rate can be reduced.

B-30P can be used in para treatment for patients with COVID-19.

Feature 1. Small size, color LCD display

2. Portable and easy to operate

3. Can be equipped with trolleys

4. Can be equipped with independent humidifier

5. Can be equipped with SPO2 module

6. Real-time display and monitoring of clinical use data of patients;

7. Connect to Low-flow oxygen, for air-oxygen mixing;

8. With VAF (Vital assurance function);

9. Max.IPAP: 30cmH2O; 10. Ventilation mode: CPAP, S, ST, T, APCV

Using environments 1. Early intervention for respiratory failure for patients with COVID-19;

2. After extubating, when the patient is removed from the invasive ventilator and transferred to a non-invasive ventilator.

Technical Specification: –

Product name??? Non-invasive ventilator

Model??? ResPlus ®B-30P

Screen??? 3.5 ” colorful LCD

Respiratory mode??? CPAP???S???ST???T???APCV

Weight??? 2.2Kg

Dimension??? 280mm*200mm*112mm

Noise Level:<30dBA



EPAP(cmH2O)??? 4-25cmH2O

Isens???Auto,1-6 level

Esens??? Auto,1-6 level

Islop???1-6 level

InspTime??? 0.5-4s , Max-InspTime??? 0.5-4s,  Min-InspTime??? 0.5-4s

BPM??? 3-40bpm

Humidifier??? 0-5 level

Auto-On??? On/Off

Auto-air compensation??? Available

Auto-adjustment altitude??? Available

VAF settings??? Available

Target VT??? 50-2000ml

Ramp??? 0-60 min Data

Data storage??? TF card


The patient has a certain ability to breathe spontaneously and is in good condition, or applied when transferred to a general ward.

Guidelines for non-invasive ventilation for patients with COVID-19

For mild to moderate patients (PaO2<60mmHg,SpO2<90%,RR>24), non-invasive ventilation can be considered for respiratory support when oxygen therapy is not effective.

Non-invasive ventilation is mainly applicable to patients with mild to moderate respiratory failure, no evidence of emergency intubation, relatively stable vital signs, and no contraindications to non-invasive ventilation. It is used for early intervention and assisted withdrawal of respiratory

Non-invasive ventilation (e.g CPAP or BIPAP), is another treatment used for respiratory distress.  Oxygen is delivered through a face mask into patient lungs.


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